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Dalton Investigations

The Company Director Tony Dalton is a member of the following.

Surveillance and private investigations Specialists 

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  • ​Surveillance: Tracking and recording a person's habits to establish a pattern of behaviour
  • Matrimonial and Adultery Investigations: If infidelity is suspected or expected
  • Counter Surveillance: If you suspect you are under surveillance
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking: Tracking a car's movement
  • Internal fraud and theft investigations: Company and personal investigations
  • Product counterfeiting and trade-mark fraud investigations
  • Employee screening investigations: Backgrounds checks
  • Investigating fraudulent insurance claims
  • Matrimonial prenuptial and alimony: If you suspect a prenup has been broken
  • Financial investigations and asset searches: Companies or personal
  • Tracing missing people
  • Personal injury investigations: Insurance claims
  • Criminal defence investigations
  • Process serving: Serving legal papers
  • Electronic Sweeps/De-Bugging
  • Employment Investigations.

Our services 

​The services Dalton Investigations offer include but are not limited to the following.

​Please be aware because the packages we offer are extensive,we may use a wide range of services within your investigation.

Contact us to find out what services may be suitable for you.

Dalton Investigations offers a wide range of services to meet our client's needs.
With the use of the latest technology and our extensive knowledge within the investigation industry.

We offer our clients a bespoke service with some of the very best private investigators available within the industry.