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The Company Director Tony Dalton is a member of the following.

Surveillance and private investigations Specialists 

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​We can help if your search falls into any of the following categories:

  • Old friends which you seek to make contact with again.
  • Sons, daughters and people who have been adopted who have lost contact with their parents or relatives and would now like to contact them again.
  • People who had a partner in the past, but have long since lost touch and are now looking to locate them again.
  • We also can help to trace debtors who have absconded without paying their outstanding debts.

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Looking to find a missing person?

Our private Investigators can find missing people nationwide and also throughout the rest of the world. We are professionals in locating old friends, parents, long lost relatives, partners, spouses and tracing debtors. So if you need to find someone or have been trying to find someone for unsuccessfully for some time  contact us today.

We have the expertise to locate ANYONE .

​Missing People