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Surveillance and private investigations Specialists 

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Once you have instructed us on your situation we will offer you a number of services, ranging from following your partner to see his or her activities and record them for our report along with photographic or DVD evidence and any other activities they might be up to.

We will prove once and for all if your suspicions are correct. 
We understand that discretion and value for money is of major importance to our clients.
We are able to offer a friendly and sympathetic ear to those who are nervous about instructing an investigator for the first time. 
A tactful and covert investigation can generally either restore the confidence in a relationship or at least give the evidence and then you can decide how you want to move forward. 
We utilise concealed cameras / recording equipment, covert surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking and even monitor email activity to see if your fears are real. Then and only then can you make the correct decision about where you are going with your relationship.

  • Do you suspect that your husband/wife or partner is having an affair?
  • Have you noticed changes in their behaviour?
  • Do you think they are keeping secrets?
  • Hiding their phone?
  • Unexplained costs on the bank statement?
  • Are you sitting at home worrying?
  • Need answers to these questions?

Don't worry, we are here to help you find out the truth.
How can we help?
The first thing to do is
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We can then discuss your concerns and the services available to you.

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