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The Company Director Tony Dalton is a member of the following.

Surveillance and private investigations Specialists 

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  Our Private Investigators have the bug sweeping, detection equipment, and necessary 

  experience to carry out complete counter surveillance sweeps in the following locations.

  •  Home
  •  Office 
  •  Factory
  •  Vehicle (car and van)
  •  Micro devices fitted in clothing 
  •  Electronic equipment such as phones, radios, televisions, clocks, lamps etc. 

Contact us today if you feel Counter Surveillance is what you need.

​The types of counter surveillance we can offer are as follows:

Electronic countermeasures:

  • Verify if there are any electronic bugging equipment within your home, office or car.

Software countermeasures:

  • Inspecting your computers, smart phones and other mobile devices for spy software.

Human countermeasures:

  • ​Evasion: avoiding risky locations, being discreet or circumspect and using code words
  • Being 'situation-aware' (looking over-your-shoulder)
  • Leaving the area without being seen or followed e.g. getting 'lost in the crowd' so that followers lose contact.
  • Hiding in secure locations
  • Concealing your identity

Counter Surveillance 

​Counter surveillance is to take measures to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping (the process of detecting surveillance devices including covert listening devices), visual surveillance devices as well as Counter surveillance software to stop unwanted attempts by cyber criminals to access your computing and mobile devices.

We often think that counter surveillance is only used by governments and big companies but within our growing world of smart phones and the internet it is starting to be used more, by smaller companies and individuals to help protect themselves. All our private investigators are trained in all types of counter surveillance. They will help to advice you on the benefits of counter surveillance and what counter surveillance services you may need.

 Why do I need Counter Surveillance and how can it help me?

 If you think your under surveillance.

  •   Counter surveillance can tell you if you are under surveillance and by whom.

Find out the reason/reasons why you are under surveillance.

  • You could have been placed under surveillance for many reasons, like corporate espionage, a corporate takeover or your spouse/partner monitoring your movements.